Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Men Needed

The mystery was made known to me by revelation. (Ephesians 3:3 ESV)

As we take account of the situation today we feel more and more deeply convinced that the greatest need of the hour is for men of vision and courage. But we use the word "vision" in the specific sense in which it is used in the Bible and not in the general sense, of enterprise. That is, what is needed above all else is men who have had a Divine revelation by the Holy Spirit in their own hearts as to God's purpose in this dispensation, and the particular Divine emphasis for the present hour. There can be much enthusiasm and zeal put behind a more or less generally conceived idea of what needs to be done, with a resultant activity and "movement." The opposite of this, and that which we are seeing to be so much more needed, is a burdening of the hearts of "chosen vessels" with God's own most pressing concern at this time, resulting in an all-consuming passion which will accept all the cost of its realization....
There are very few men in our day of whom it can be truly said, "That man has had a revelation from God." There is all the difference between being saved and then going into Christian service with the resultant studying of the Bible, the preparation of sermons, addresses, lessons; collecting material, mastering themes and subjects; etc., etc., and giving this out as required or as opportunity affords – there is all the difference between this and an open heaven, an anointing, a revelation by the Holy Spirit. It is the difference between our laboring to get, in order to meet a constantly recurring demand, and the Holy Spirit continually revealing Christ in us. This is a general difference, but it is a very great one, and it may represent all the difference between bondage and liberty, between limitation and fullness, even between Life and death in ministry. But this is not our particular point. The need of the hour is not only for a higher spiritual level of ministry in general, it is for men with a specific revelation which will meet the situation as it is now.

By T. Austin-Sparks from: The Need of the Hour 

One thing God has been showing us out here is that no matter what our past experience has been it has no relevance for today.  We have never experienced being with these people before. (I paraphrased that from Frank Viola)  

Another thing is that we can "play" church and do it well, but if Christ isn't the center then it WILL fall apart.  That also has to be on a personal level. May we all get a deeper revelation of Christ this week. 

Things are going well here.  It was so nice to have Joy, Marlene, Nathanael, Rachel, Frank and Simchah out here.  They brought Life and encouraging news.  Not long now! We will be flying over to see everyone soon!

Keep us in your prayers, my work situation is undergoing changes as of today and I'm not sure what that means yet.  I might be job hunting soon. The saints here are doing great. 

Sorry this is short....Goddnight friends.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Met with other groups

This past Sunday we met with two other home church groups at the park near our house. It went well. Ayala and I had to leave early for Autumn's last ballet performance unfortunately. We just sat and talked with each other or small groups of people. One man was a pastor for 28 years. Another group was possibly losing their meeting place and talked about coming to our gathering. We shall see what God wants to do. Most of the people are older, which is fine. But there was one guy closer to our age that we have met a few times before. He is Ukranian and really has a heart for God. He came to one of our gatherings and his contribution added life. We really liked him being there. His wife doesn't speak very much english but she came with their 3 children. Apparently their boys loved the Dickerson boys so much, they were waving goodbye until the van was out of sight. I'm sure we will see them again.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The heart of a disciple

As I ride the train this morning I am in awe of how God works. Over and over I have watched the importance of sharing what is on our hearts with our brothers and sisters. Even when I dont think that my work situation is worth sharing, it allows others to give their part. Sometimes its a similar situation, but even better is the words of encouragment to stay steadfast in the promises of our Lord.

Then there was the time that Ariel shared at a gathering even when opposition was trying to stop her, that a very dear but weary disciple was touched by God.  It was amazing how Ariel talked about what God was doing in her life and all of a sudden this desert weary and hardened heart melted and she realized that she found what she had been looking so long for. Up until that last testimony shared though, she thought we were just one more group claiming to be a church. Just a simple testimony, but so much more in the hands of Christ.

And finally a brother I really like came on Sunday and shared about how he feals like God wants him to experience the love of God and stand in that. Own it and not just believe the principle of that truth. It sounds simple as I type it, but when someone brings the word of God, you feel fed. It was like that. The Word had visited us through the seemingly simple thoughts or struggle of his week.

So I share this to remind people to not hold back the Word from each other.

Praise God, Rick and Katie are moved in! Ayala and I walked down there last night and hung out untill 11. It was so nice.  Keep us in your prayers.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

The Church in California

This is Ayala...

I have been very reluctant to call any gathered group of people the Church since growing up in a group of people who demonstrated the body of Christ better than any other place I have seen. At least in America.  So, I am saying all this to say, that it's not a light thing for me to say that God is building His church out here in California.

This morning we had a gathering and I hardly have a way to describe how amazing it was to watch God in our midst, building His church right in front of our eyes.  It isn't anything that we are doing.  No special teachers or strategic planning on our part.  I just feel like we get to show up and "be" part of an awesome body of Christ that gets revealed more as more of His body comes into place.  Each person has a unique part that adds, and slowly His bride is being revealed to us.  I guess I'm so excited, because growing up in the body of Christ I took for granted that we were brought together in Tennessee to be His bride.  I never saw the miracle that it truly is.  Now, after spending almost 5 years in Memphis and visiting several other churches and even some home groups, I know how much of a miracle and blessing it really is.  I can't believe I get to be here to witness and participate in the church He is building in California now.  When we come together the Spirit is with us.  (If you are reading this, please pray for us as we come together, because the opposition increases as we do so.)  I love all the people here.  They are filling my heart.  Now I can see why Noah has to go back to Africa, for the rest of his heart!  I am so grateful to be chosen by my Father to be a part of His beautiful bride.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Gavins 11th Birthday

It's hard to believe it was 11 years two days ago that I became a father. Little did I know how proud of a father I would be today. We had a small party with a few gifts the night before. Then we went to the north Tahoe area near Truckee. We spent a few hours sledding and having fun at a sno-park. I'm gonna cut this short and get some sleep.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Wow! Time flies when you are busy. Alot has happened since my last post. I will give you some of the headlines that I can remember.

At one of our gatherings Paul F. talked about the new Jerusalem and living stones. He imagined those living stones to be like crystal. I had never thought of that. Then, Ayala mentioned that if the stones were clear then everyone looking in would see Christ. I had just read My Utmost on March 25th and he talks about not attracting attention away from Christ but being a friend of the bridegroom. Then Colleen talked about Hag 1:4

"Is it time for you yourselves to dwell in your paneled houses while this house lies desolate."

She felt like God was speaking this to her. It showed in a meeting weeks later. She also bragged on her husband John who went and cleared up a five year old grudge with a friend. Let me add here that John has come alive the last month or two. He is a great asset here.

Abba and Amma came and we had a great time with them. We could feel them being here for us, and that was special. We had good talks and asked all the questions we could think of. It was a very refreshing time and Abba did a great job of building us up and equipping the saints. He spoke as only he can at the meetings we had and it produced an environment that allowed people to open up. John shared some, Collen asked the women if they wanted her. She could see the love between them and wanted to be with them. Those are the highlights I remember at the moment. Our love feast went late but it was FULL. The love of the brethren was demonstrated and God showed up. Tim left full and proclaiming that God was definately there. A young couple and their daughter were there to watch as it turned out. It was so good.

OK, Rick has been house shopping. He found the house, put in a bid, declared at the gathering that God told him that the house was his. Katie also shared a scripture God gave her that same morning. Before we left, Rick recieved an email saying they went with another offer. He refers to this as the darkest night of his soul. So, Monday is men's mtg night. David and I try to encourage Rick for quite a while to no avail. Then Tim started talking and you could feel the peace coming and David brought a word that gave us all peace. It was about Rick not being alone, but it being a corporate struggle. After that we chatted some more and I ended up going after something Rick said about giving people God and it was gross and stunk of self righteousness. As soon as I got done God started to prick my conscience and as soon as we got in the van to leave David made sure I didn't miss that prick. I ended up calling Rick before we got home to get clear. It was embarrassing to say the least but a learning experience none the less. The most encouraging part was watching Tim bring what was needed that night. Then later he commented on how he felt the peace after David had talked. He is becoming sensitive to the Spirit! We can't teach him that! He is changing almost daily. He has always wanted to be a godly man and God is giving that to him. It is awesome to watch.

Back to the house. The other offer fell through, Rick bartered with the bank and he took their counter offer. then his "pre-approved loan" fell through. Then he got that fixed and we are back on schedule for the beginning of May. Whew. We are so excited to be two blocks from Rick and Katie very soon.

I am watching God save His people and call them together. We are participating some but I feel more like a spectator. Each part is giving to the other and unity is getting stronger. Our last men's mtg the other night was the best one yet. ALL the men were there including James who has been out with a back injury all during Abba's visit. It felt like Satan was trying to distract us with phone calls and Paul F. had a dead battery in his car that he had to replace and got there late. And this was his first men's mtg. John came looking for godly advice and we had a great time of prayer. You could feel the togetherness.

We are so encouraged about what God is doing in RCV and we can feel it over here. It seemed like after y'all got new vision after the Faithful retreat, things were released over here. We also see the opposition coming at us too. Please pray for the church over here. Satan isn't going to sit by and let this be easy. We need you to carry us in your hearts and pray when ever you feel the urge.

Just an FYI - Today I rode the light rail to work! I bike 3.5 miles and spend $5 round trip. 30 minutes on the train and a 5 minute bike ride to work. So, it takes 1 hour to get to work instead of 35- 45 but it's alot cheaper and much more peaceful. Well, I am tired and I have to leave at 6:00 now to catch to train. I will try to write again soon.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012


It's been awhile, so real quick update here. Work has been slow. The last two weeks totaled just over 40 hrs but I feel like God is in control. I said before I left that if God was sending me out here he would take care of me too. My faith is strengthened as I hear the stories of George Muller read to the children for devotionals. (Coincidence? I think not.) I have to remember I gave up sovereignty over my life and I am now an instrument in His hands. It has been a great faith builder, I have all I need and He wants me put more trust in Him. Work has been fun as I learn more everyday and do things I have never done. Mostly doing veneer work with hide glue. Each repair or job is different and creative.

The kids are growing up and doing well. Gavin fell out of a tree today and sprained his wrist. Autumn loves to play with Tristan and Naomi is starting to get along with River. Of course with Journey's arrival we have all been busy. I have been taking the boys to explore when I can. Last weekend we went to try some fishing. No luck. But we found a "large puddle" that was about 2 ft deep and it had minnows in it. So the boys caught 15 minnows, got all wet, and we put them in the pool to eat the misquito larvae until we clean it out for swimming.

James, Claudia and Elianna, their 4 yr old daughter, moved close to us in Folsom and we have been enjoying getting to know them. Rick and Katie are still looking for a house nearby. Please pray God's will be done there. And Tim is doing very well. Others are wanting more fellowship outside of the Sunday meeting and relationships are being formed. Things are going well. His people are gathering in CA. We miss everyone and can't wait until Ingathering. We are planning to trek over for that, Lord willing.